About Me

Engineer by nature. I extract a great deal of joy from being able to build different things. programming is my passion.

I was in 5th grade when I first “hacked” Age of empires (not really, but that age..)That’s when I started seeing computers as more than a game console.

In eight grade, from an example VB.NET program in my textbook (a program to add 2 numbers), I learned the basics of programming. I was too young and didn’t have internet to know better, but still survived with the Visual studio help. Created lot’s of prank apps (before you judge, I was in 8th grade to know better xD). That’s around when I fell in love with programing.

For me programing is not about developing a software, it’s about solving a problem or a challenge. It’s a hobby.

In 11th grade I took up Computer Science, and finished the coursework about C++ (including stuffs from 12th grade ) in 2–3 months, that’s how much I loved it.

First remarkable thing I wrote up was a gravity simulator using BGI graphics of TurboC++. You could throw balls here and there, it will always falls according to the projectile motion. That was around in middle of 11th grade. I loved it.

Never stopped since.



Software Engineer 2018 - Present

Working as Services Developer mainly involved with Service Fabric and NoSQL like Cosmos Db. Also developing features in client using Angular.

  • Designing and developing features.
  • Involved in UI/UX.
  • Analytics driven design
  • Developing auxilary tools and automation.


Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer 2017 - 2018

Devloped E-commerce website based on python django.

  • Designing and developing the core e-commerce website.
  • Lead backend developer.
  • Managing the server infrastructure
  • Managing hosting expense
  • Developing auxilary tools and libraries.

Shift2Cloud Technologies

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer 2016 - 2017

Being a CTO is a responsible position as the organisation's technology stack as well as the development has to be managed. Being a start-up, the team is not exactly large. Hence this management has to be done while being one of the lead developers.
Major responsibilities as a CTO:

  • Designing the software.
  • Managing the production environment.
  • Managing developers.
  • Responsibilities as a Developer:
    Core development.
    Administration of the server(Ubuntu 14.04). The management and handling of the server is mainly my responsibility.


Mainly skilled in designing and developing softwares, experienced in programing languages like python, java, C#, C, C++. My work has mostly been in Android Development and Web Development with Python-Django with little bit of system programing. Though have done projects ranging from Desktop applications to embedded, IOT based projects and Robots. Have a strict policy and creating extendable designs and software that can be maintained. Game development as a hobby, hence have created a few small games using unity and libGDX.

Technical Skills:
  • • Programming languages: Python, C, Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP
  • • Database: SQL based(MySQL, PostgressSQL, Oracle), Key-value based(redis)
  • • Frameworks and Library: Django, Flask, SFML, dot NET, Magento, Django-ORM
  • • Mobile Development: Android
  • • Version Control: git
  • • Tools: Jetbrains, Visual Studio, Unity, GitLab, GitHub
  • • Cloud Hosting: AWS, Digital Ocean, C-Panel, Python-anywhere
  • Python
  • Django
  • Java
  • Android
  • C#


Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology

Bachelor of technology, Computer Science and Engineering 2014 - Present

  • Founded 2 clubs
    • Robotics
    • Programming
  • webmaster for IEEE student chapter.
  • Won many inter college competition

St. Gregorios School (CBSE)

12th and 10th Grade March 2014

Activities and societies:
Programming, soccer, physics, astronomy. All spread out in different years.


Mini Project Movie Recommendation Engine ( Discover Movies )
Generates personalised movie recommendations based on individual taste.
STMP - A general purpose Marco Processor:
Written in C and Uses it’s own Macro Definition Language.
Game Menu Library:A library to easily generate GUI menus for games written using SFML.
Written using C++14 and SFML
A web based panel to host competitive programming contest.
Rubik’s Cube Solver:
A python package that can look into a scrambled Rubik’s cube and output the steps to solve it.
An android application to retrieve details of your favourite Tv Shows. Used to track watched episodes and to discover new series to watch.
Blue Control:
A system of controlling electric devices at home using phone and bluetooth.
This is a library containing different data science models which can be used in machine learning applications like classification etc.
A web application to handle student attendance and marks; for educational institutions.
An intelligent chat bot capable of handling arithmetics calculations in natural language and generic chat.
Github Search:
An android application to search GitHub for data.
Unofficial Code Chef API:
The CodeChef Python API to submit and check results programatically.
C library containing implementation generic of common data structures. To be used along with any C based operating system development
A snake game developed in C++ using SFML. Uses Game Menu Library.
Bill Management System:
Developed in C# for a whole sale retailer near college as a favour.
To-Do List:
Standalone android application developed and designed from scratch. Used Java.

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